Our comprehensive suite of services for bulk cargo handling encompasses sampling, inspection, and cargo monitoring, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with industry standards.

We are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the cargo management process.

We provide 24/7 cargo monitoring and witnessing at most of the bulk terminal locations in the USA and CANADA.

Sampling Services:

Our team of inspector is able to sample trains or stockpiles to obtain representative samples of bulk cargoes, whether it is at a mine site of load terminal location.

We follow industry-specific guidelines to ensure precise and unbiased sampling, critical for assessing cargo quality.

Inspection Services:

Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough examinations of bulk cargoes to verify quality, quantity, and compliance with specified standards. We meticulously inspect the cargo for any defects, foreign contaminants or deviations from agreed-upon parameters.

Cargo Monitoring:

Real-time cargo monitoring helps our customer monitor the loading and evolution of their blend as the cargo is being loaded. We report on cargo conditions, temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters during transit.

This proactive approach allows for immediate response to any deviations, safeguarding cargo integrity and optimal blending adjustment.

The laboratory offers a wide range of analysis
for Coal, & other carbon based products.

Our client base comprises buyers and sellers both for the power generation and steel industry.